One of the best ways to optimize your site while it’s under construction is by using a Squarespace Cover Page! A cover page, or a page saying that your site is being built or is under construction, does not have to be useless! In fact, you can create a page that still serves your blog, brand or business rather than just saying "Come back later."

We're firm believers in letting your website work for you whether you're still building or if it's launched and live, and Cover Pages are a great way to accomplish this! By using a Cover Page to generate interest, provide value, and show your credibility, you'll be two steps ahead of the game once you launch your site or program! Gotta love that! You can start building a loyal tribe of followers and potential clients or customers before you even launch!

Step One: Go To Your Pages Menu and Create A New Page
When you're logged into your Squarespace account, go to your pages menu and press the plus sign next to your primary navigation. 

Step Two: Add A Cover Page
Scroll down to find the Cover Page option under the different page options.

Step Three: Style Your Cover Page
Use the menu to style your Cover Page including swapping photos, adding and customizing text, adding a newsletter signup and more. 

Step Four: Set Your Cover Page As Your Homepage
When you're done customizing, go back to your Pages menu and press the gear icon (or settings icon) next to your new Cover Page. Scroll down to the bottom and select "Set As Homepage."

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