1. White + Oak For Squarespace 

White Oak is a modern, dynamic and collage-style Squarespace Template crafted for real estate and home design professionals to book more clients. However, White Oak can be customized to serve other product or service-based businesses and bloggers as well

2. Arena For Squarespace 

Arena is a modern, bold and dynamic Squarespace Template crafted for fitness coaches and professionals to book more clients. However, Arena can be customized to serve any service-based business as well.

3. Kira Reid For Squarespace 

Kira Reid is a modern, vibrant and fun Squarespace Template crafted to showcase a product, service, or course. This template is perfect for coaches, authors, or content creators who have a product, service, or course to promote.

4. Fine & Fragrant For Squarespace 

Fine & Fragrant is a modern, high-end and feminine Squarespace Template crafted for photographers to show off beautiful photos and galleries.

5. Aligned For Squarespace 

Aligned is a sleek, professional design crafted for corporate businesses or industry businesses with teams. This Template is perfect for a company with minimal images to display, letting the copy writing do all the talking.

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