How To Optimize Your Photos For Pinterest On Squarespace In Just 2 Steps 

Step One: Upload Your Photo To Your Page Or Post 

Using an image block and upload your photo to Squarespace. 

Step Two: Rename Your Photo Using Keywords

On Pinterest, every pin has a description. When people pin an image from your site, most often Pinterest pulls the title of your image into the pin description. Then, based on the pin description, Pinterest is able to categorize the photo's content, which then makes it appear in appropriate searches. 

Right now, if we were to pin something from our website you can see that the description is automatically all ready to go in Pinterest. Try it on your site. You might find that your description is exactly what you’ve named your photo, so your pin’s description says something like “blog graphic final file.jpg” in the description. That doesn’t look great when someone pins that image to Pinterest, and no one’s going to be searching for that description. 

Here’s where it takes a little bit of SEO strategy. You want to name this image strategically to show up in a search. To do this effectively, it helps to think backwards. Ask yourself: What would someone type into a search bar to find this image? Use what you come up with to name your image. 


For this mockup of our Aligned Template, we want to think about what someone would search when looking for website templates. We thought of the words “clean, modern, corporate website template for Squarespace.”

Then, we named it exactly that! We also end each pin with “Design By Go Live HQ” so that we get proper cred whenever someone finds this pin. 

Now, when someone pins this graphic, the description is automatically filled in! Let’s test it. If we search “clean, modern, corporate website template for Squarespace,” you can see our graphic right at the top of the search!! 

PRO TIP: Using longer, vertical images takes up more real estate on the Pinterest page, so your images are more likely to stand out. And, if you use text such as a headline or a title at the top of the pin, you are more likely to catch the eye of a pinner and get them to save your image to one of their boards. 

 Check out our blog post for more info on why Pinterest is a vital tool for your business! 

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