1. Start by connecting your Instagram account to your website. In the Squarespace main menu, select "settings", then "connected accounts." Choose "connect account," select Instagram, then provide your login info. 

2. Next, select the page you want to add you Instagram feed to. In edit mode, click the grey bubble to add a new content block. 

Scroll to the "social blocks" section and select Instagram. 

3. When you feed pops up, you can adjust the number of photos you want to display. On the "design" tab, you can adjust more settings such as the number of photos per row and the amount of space between images. 

4. Style the block by adding spacers to the sides of the block, and adding text such as "follow us on Instagram!" 

TIP: We love adding the Instagram block to the footer of the sites we design. That way, it appears on every page of your website plus it gives your footer a polished look. 

Check out our blog for more tips on what to add to your website footer! 

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