1. Assign your blog posts categories. In the blog menu, click "edit' on a post. In the bottom left corner, click the plus sign next to categories and create a new category. Save the post. Make sure to assign each blog post a category. 

2. Click the plus sign next to main navigation to add a new page. From the options, choose "link." 

3. Under "link title," enter a name for the page. In this example, we created a "fashion" blog category, and the name of the page as it appears in the navigation is FASHION. Next select "content," then choose a blog category by clicking the down arrow next to "blog." Be sure to click save!  

The page you created will only populate blog posts with the specific category you chose. In this example, all of the blog posts under "fashion" will populate on the Fashion page. Repeat these steps for each category you created. 

* To create a page in your navigation with a drop-down menu that contains your category links, you'll need to first add a folder page. Then, select "add page" to choose a link page and follow the steps above. 

In our example, we created a page titled "Fashion," with category pages for "style" and "shoes" 

Check out our Jonesie Template Demo to see blog categories in your navigation will function!  

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